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by The Oswalds

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Music and lyrics by Camden Joy. Produced by Mark Lerner.


released June 29, 2017

Camden Joy: Vocals and guitar. Mark Donato: Drums, harmonica, vocal on "Starling." Mark Lerner: bass, etc.



all rights reserved


Camden Joy Camden, New Jersey

Here are studio recordings of my band, The Oswalds.

Also some home recordings, some rants & advocations.

Purchase of these helps us make more music!

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Track Name: Make Me a Coin
Don’t ever put my face on US currency
that spot’s reserved for hypocrites and thieves
Make me a coin that says death awaits thee
pennies from heaven turn to autumn leaves
Make me a coin that says quite honestly
I’m worthless you see
from sea to shining sea
I doubt we will survive the century
now that there is a fact I’d pay to see
Make a coin that says things don’t look good now
extinction or collapse that’s all we got
Sorry for the mess we made of your town
just the way Americans are taught
Make a coin that says don’t ring my doorbell
I am bathing go to hell
come back never my time is filled
Make a coin that says fuckheads you’re free
why do you receive this as defeat?
Make a coin this all belongs to China
make a coin good luck not getting hurt
Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah
some immigrant who’s doing all the work
Make a coin that tells the truth for once sir
instead of how grand things once were
back when war was pure
Make me a coin we have no answer
the one thing known for sure is we want more
Track Name: Starling
I heard the starling sing my song
at the break of day
Who knew a feeling could be so strong
took my breath away

Sterling silver, starling black
rapacious greedy souls
From high above how small we all seem
small and completely controlled

Starling darken skies with fear
none know where they’ll land
A handful might prosper, the rest disappears:
true not for starling but man.

How much is enough for ones such as these?
Where hath decency gone?
To each according to his needs
oh why did they steal my song?

Come, come sing my song at dusk
I’ll climb the branch to hear
Darling step into my palm, for night is nearly here
Who else will protect you, my dear?
Track Name: Jimmy and Me Driving 99
we sat at the delano drive-in
watching Paul Newman break out of prison
kinda wishing that they'd shoot him
and disappointed that they wouldn't

when I realized I was not in my right mind
and began to miss those things we left behind
when Jimmy and me drove up 99

once I was a girl who was good as gold
had a reputation to uphold
and I stood steady strong and certain in myself
once I knew just who I was
I did like everybody does
now I'm lost just look at everybody else

when suddenly I find that I been crying
so I gun it and we run the stop sign
jimmy and me driving 99

from pixley we got up to fairmead
leaving a trail of hold-ups lucky strikes and coffee
and found the drought was all around us
all's we had left was just a few bucks

then jimmy said i'm tired of traveling this line
we'll run it till the tank goes dry
then we split it up and you keep 99

oh jimmy i cried no you don't
you know I wouldn't have a hope
the law is just a half-day back or so
i know that first you'll try to flee
then you'll direct them right to me
and leave me dying from thirst in a jail just up the road

jimmy my love i said you've changed my life
then i shot him while the sun was in his eyes
left him dying on the side of 99

so now i'm going on my own
heading north on the only road i know
and though the sun may set in merced
it will rise again in modesto

may be just a matter of time before i'm caught
but i won't let it happen before i want
there's 300 more miles left on 99