Presidential Coins (2012)

by Camden Joy

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This is a series of songs I wrote inspired by the Presidential Coin Program, which was enacted 2005 by an Act of Congress.


released December 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Camden Joy Camden, New Jersey

Here are studio recordings of my band, The Oswalds.

Also some home recordings, some rants & advocations.

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Track Name: Lincoln
LINCOLN I was born in the great beyond I was raised by bears and wolves who boxed my ears each night until I learned the golden rule for a single thread of clothing for a simple scrap of food I have endured without warning the very worst in you and it gets no easier at all no easier being abraham enemies called my reign tyrannical democrats called my plans fantastico ford made me a continental abe lincoln was my name-oh when it comes your time to go may your spirit rest well-fed pray it’s not your most fragile love who discovers that you’re dead they say go easy on johnny reb then they shoot me in the head it gets no easier being abraham I was standing in the statehouse divided in my heart staring at the fireplace as my country fell apart they were laughing as I entered they were weeping when I left andrew johnson only had them feeling more bereft now I’m a dollar no one uses a penny everyone abuses it gets no easier being abraham
Track Name: Truman
When truman gave up on shooting guns at germany he brought the sons of jackson county home a gun too hot to touch, a princess drinking beer one lost battalion surrounded and alone he came back from signal rockets planes and bombs the stench of death in his throat a picture of her in his hand though he had almost nothing not a penny to his name he felt grateful for the few small things he had truman came back from living in the frozen ground his mind focused on failures ahead and the ones who’d known him well, now could not place that face having so often given him up for dead after he left her ol’ khaki mcclusters” to end the wars to win all war she’d step out and look for him everyday at times she’d hear the wind imagine it was him and then come home feeling entirely changed when he came back to 219 north delaware a great weight had been lifted and now he was finally free truman plainly saw there’s little hope for him still he knew he was as lucky as can be
Track Name: Shake Hands With My Johnson
not all johnsons are the same the presidents differ by first name
andrew and lyndon the one i have in mind is fun
so if i offered to introduce you would you differentiate the two
forgive everything forget everyone
and shake hands with my johnson
if one was born in 1808 while mine was born in 1908
and though each tried his best only mine had much success
getting a thing through congress
so if you could come eye-to-eye with just one would you recognize my johnson
would you curse him as the scourge of saigon
or hail him as the hero of charleston
would you shake hands with my johnson
can you guess who i’m thinking of a certain johnson someone my love
each a southerner quite rare but mine does not have good hair
oh if I offered to introduce you would you distinguish between the two
if i said my johnson’s obscene would you know what i mean
and shake hands with my johnson
now if you waved off my requests out of disdain for two-term presidents
and the trail of tears i’d say oh yes my dear
that describes andrew jackson and he is not a johnson
look there’s lyndon johnson and andrew johnson
take a chance with my johnson
Track Name: Something Europeans Do
surrender my paper money read philosophy mock monogamy care about our carbon footprints eat the organs of bulls for breakfast drive small cars that smell like armpits share the same government dentist sounds like something that europeans do kiss my cheeks and be my best friend will not say our word for weekend won’t use hands when playing football can’t digest a deep-fried gumball or enjoy monster trucks at all a dollar coin that’s universal sounds like something that europeans do make the buildings stink like ashtrays marry girls who turn quatorce no policeman carry weapons they carry love for all religions say la vie whatever happens mais el euro es tres convenient sounds like something that europeans do
Track Name: Bryan
BRYAN did you hear the candidate saying that he’s on your side would you want a chief executive telling you such lies william jennings bryan was truly on your side because he did like each of you does you lose but don’t give up lost a race in ’94 then again in 1896 in 1900 and in aught-eight lost but never licked they loved him in the south and west but northerners thought him a pest they felt a gold standard was best said ah, give it a rest he did not care for businessmen disagreed with charles darwin he spoke for the common man and so he has been forgotten when william jennings bryan spoke he brought the working classes hope he championed the farming folk and laid the wealthy low no dollar coin will feature him though he ran and ran again speaking for the common man he couldn’t ever win