Updated Just Now

by Camden Joy

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Recorded in the second half of 2019, mostly in New Paltz, NY. Engineered by Jason Sarubbi of Split Rock Studio.


released January 1, 2020

Designed by Mark Lerner


all rights reserved



Camden Joy Middlebury, Vermont

I have been writing songs for a long time and these are a few of my best. I'll have more for you soon. Please enjoy.

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Track Name: American Trash
I wrote the video American Trash in which no one does nothing at all; just make love on private planes, then take fake stuff from the mini-mall. Yes, I wrote the video that launched the whole thing. After me, the whole thing was tasteless and free, useless and flat. You know that feeling when you see something tragic and laugh? You know that feeling when you can’t help wondering when will this car crash? If everyone turned eighteen at once, there’d be nothing they'd want ‘cause I broke their dreams in two then turned them back on you. I wrote the video. I broke the radio. I killed everything good in this world. And for what, the love of a pearl? A war of the worlds for want of a girl?
Track Name: He Never Leaves My Mind
When I wake up, he’s the first thing I am thinking of. Today’ll be the day I am confessing love ‘cause he never leaves... We’re down on the beach, easily talking. Says, “Sometimes with you I feel like I’m sleepwalking.” I’m with his friends. We’re all of us laughing, taking for granted these good times we’re having. And he never leaves my mind. Then I wake up and I see the way things really are. He’s finding it’s hard to always be a superstar. He climbs from the sea and into my dreams. Every summer he never talks to me. He wears a cross, what’s exactly the meaning? Is it just JESUS CHRIST those tan lines are teeny? I want to say to him, “I’m so in love with you.” I have no chance with him. What am I gonna do?
Track Name: One More Chance
One dark night I was waiting inside a Greyhound station. A man come up, ask me for a light. And he says, “So tell me, stranger. Do you think you’d ever...?” I say, “To me, mister, you look all right.” So we fall into some corner. And I’m looking at his collar. Remember, a few have rights but most are wronged. Yeah, I’m looking at his collar, lying underneath this preacher, when I see Jesus there all along. I had just got out of prison on some federal offense when I got picked up, five bucks in my pants. A man said he’d make my bail if I did a little favor for him. Is it too late, Lord, to ask to start again? ‘Cause I am just a criminal, washing jail floors and lamps. I ask you Lord, give me one more chance. One minute his hands go up. The next second he’s gone. I look to my friend James Franklin and say, “Goddammit now, what have you done?” A men’s room in Penn Station took what little love he had left. And all this True Confessions crap just breaks your big heart, I bet. You meet a lot of people in prison you wouldn’t want to meet in real life. You might even fall into the arms of Satan as you’re kneeling ‘neath a painting of Jesus Christ. You get sent up for something you watched your own brother do. And the Feds have all gone drinking ‘cause anything you say is the last thing they’ll listen to. If only we had not stopped to help the stranger, and offered him a ride back to the motel. Any thought of danger was far from both our minds. Now my friend’s in trouble. One more chance, Lord. That’s all I ask for. I ask you, Lord. Give me one more chance. I been asking men for drinks, asking drunkards for a dance. Now I ask you, Lord. Give me one more chance.
Track Name: Today's The Day
There’s fresh peaches at the farm stand. Let’s roll out the dough. Soft sand for your bare feet, I will show you how it goes. Today’s the day. The cold quarry water green, hot boards we float above. Blue dragonflies cry all around us, in love with our love. Today’s the day. A sense of something flowering, forsythia in spring. A feeling of beginning that is always in the wind: today’s the day. I have brought the things we’ll need to promise a fresh start. I have packed my love for you in a pocket near my heart. Today’s the day. A surge of something powerful in twilight soft and still. Not a thing has felt this good but now it always will: today’s the day. What’s ahead can’t get us down, what’s past deserves no tears. This is when we live, right now. Tomorrow’s not yet here. Today’s the day.
Track Name: Everyone's a Love Story
They were both just farm kids when they met in the high school gym. Brightest thing he’d ever seen. “That one is the one for me.” But she had her own path in mind. Love was for a later time. She had dreams of city lights so she left him far behind. She saw great and distant lands. He ran the farm in Arkansas. He was never in her plans but she was always in his thoughts. Years passed. Harvests came and went. She overthrew the government. One day she doesn’t know just why she sent a postcard to say, “Hi.” Began to correspond a bit, rediscover old friendships. In a couple months she calls. He can barely speak at all. Grazing in the distance lambs raised their eyes and what they saw: he was never in her plans but she was always in his heart. He admired her checkered past. She sounds as she always has. “I’m not what you’d call a catch, but this love is the love that lasts.” They met in a luncheonette. He admired her suicide vest. Every word she spoke, he swooned. Said, “I want to join with you.” Her face was just so passionate. Her eyes were just so radiant. He said, “I’ve always loved you.” Then, “Let’s overthrow the government.” Our love will overthrow the government. We all have a history. Everyone’s a love story. Have to close your eyes to see. I am just a love story.
Track Name: Sing a Song of Love
Grab your sons and call your daughters. We’re sailing back where we first started. We limp into uncharted waters. Somewhere there are winds that want us. “Afternoon, dear Algeciras!” Her vinegar lifted our spirits. Amid diesel fumes and interference, Jonny Mekon said he’d love to hear us. So we go on home, play rock and roll, but every rock I climb feels small. Now everyone is hungry. I’ll sing a song of love. Out about a mile from shore the law breaks down on the sea floor, where sailors locked in chains still waltz with mermaids hook in hand. A giant squid plays Princess Diana. You can hear a pirate crying. Whales gracefully glide by and sing a song of love. They sing for all who came before. Sing because we got so far. Sing to soften madman’s hearts. Above a sky of mint toothpaste, a fog rolls in from outer space. A thief enters the house he cased and takes the place of what’s-his-face. The curtain falls. We strike the set. Shakespeare wakes up Juliet, lights her up two cigarettes. “Next week’s Sandusky, dear...” Things between us changed so fast. It seems that now I don’t exist. I see you act like facts are facts while I sing a song of love. The coffin of Nixon’s libido. A “Will You Marry Me” tornado. The virgin’s fed to the volcano. The silent star explodes with laughter. John Henry’s father, there’s a man. He stood tall at sixteen hands. He fought but did he understand that fighters get forgot. The sky gets dark and we get set to meet. They’ll wish we’d never met. They ride to almost certain death. We sing a song of love. A storm broke then. It drenched both sides. We opened up our hearts to hide but first we had to choose our shoes and screw our courage up. Fearsome boys grown fast and fearless, take good care of Algeciras. Even though she will not hear us sing a song of love. Now Stupid does as Stupid’s taught. Stupid feels betrayed because Stupid wishes what he was was sung a song of love. Francine awoke. She shook her head. In the mirror her eyes were red. “I dreamed that all the world was dead, yet you and I survived. But why should I believe in dreams when nothing is how nothing seems? The end may come. The ends may fray. Who’s to say who’s free today?” When you’re thirsty, when you’re sick, call on me and I’ll come quick. The thing I want to do is help and sing a song of love.

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