Hasta La Bye Bye

by The Oswalds

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The first recording in over 25 years by The Oswalds.


released October 1, 2015

Words and music: Camden Joy

Camden Joy: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Mark Donato: drums, backing vocals
Mark Lerner: bass, backing vocals, etc.

Produced by Mark Lerner.

Recorded and mixed by Jason Sarubbi
at Split Rock Studio, New Paltz, NY.

Additional recording by ML at home. Good guitar on “Opium” by John Burdick. Mastered by Mike Judeh at Dubway Studios, New York, NY. Designed by ML at Rag & Bone Shop. Photographs by Surian Soosay (front), Calsidyrose (back), and David Agren (inside).

© 2015 by Camden Joy/ASCAP.



all rights reserved


Camden Joy Camden, New Jersey

Here are studio recordings of my band, The Oswalds.

Also some home recordings, some rants & advocations.

Purchase of these helps us make more music!

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Track Name: Rascacielo
From un rascacielo you can fall pretty fucking far

In sickness and in health--well, wait until he sees these scars

One night young lovers glimpse each other ‘cross the floor
then theyʼre waking up together in the morgue
From a skyscraper amigo you can fall quite far

they shot the singer who sang about the singer they shot
who sang about a man who possesses all they want

like that fat blossom thick with ants that thrills our Lord
and they’ll shoot this singer soon once they get bored
it goes like a blur in a mirror don’t bother lookin’ backward

There’s that feeling in the morning like today’s another broken day
Love will not remain: all that stays is fear and hate
so sings the spider from inside her shining cage
the one place safe from le declive
but the demons los monstruos nothing keeps them at bay

Now daddy’s seeing things and mama’s gotta forked tongue
A grey haze on the lake is glistening like nicotine gum
from darkened doorways they keep calling me for some
this is nowhere near the thing that once we thought was fun
lieutenant earned the opium watch burning Washington

You best knock off this shit kid a fore they kick the shit outta you
Dream a hero’s death, they would not waste a bullet on you
friends now forever find they never care what’s true
it’s warm and wet the blood filling your shoes
ain’t it sad when innocence finally gets its due
Track Name: Just Over the Border
Just over the border
a land like no other
las flores de Badiriguato
come over the border

Just over the border
find your broken brother
you reach to pull him up from the gutter
then you’re drawn over the border

Just over the border
the year was young the night they found her
each one just like the other another
can’t expect them to remember

Just cross one more river
find full billfolds of fine leather
first it’s grow up and be hateful
then you’re trapped over the border

If you listen to the mirror, you can hear them call you over.
When you find you belong nowhere, your heart will never leave here.

Just over the border
lay the candied cocoa stands
stare into fire forever
married snakes with fountain pens

Just cross through the mirror
feel so awful for her country
some sleaze won’t be soldiers
and then she... looks right at me

If you listen to the mirror
Track Name: Opium
When I said farewell to Whisky Hills, I meant it
so those fun trips to Rum Springs they had to end.
no more Mexican death breath that’s freshly minted
I’m just here to say we won’t see me again.

So I sold the place that faced Talkin’ Beer Mountain
our times together drinking there I’ll miss
said adieu to Mountain Dew with Gordon’s
So I’m here just cuz this here’s the end of this.

I got a new boyfriend
and his name is Opium
he restores my equilibrium
my new highness Royal Opium

things that once would make us smile
now make me feel like such a child
now I pledge allegiance to my one
my royal highness Opium

There is only room for one in my affections
so this business with the cannabis will cease
though our totally baked lifestyle’s become legend
I’ve come to find I find no memories

Marijuana now our long affair is over
I felt so sure that what we had was love
tho you never failed me as my daylight number
at night there’s now another I dream of

I got me religion
my soul belongs to Opium
he quells the pandemonium
Lord God Almighty Opium

we all grow up sometime
we leave our childish ways behind
there is more to life than fun
there’s the sacred church of Opium

You be a flying crying crocodile of vengeance
You be on your knees tweeting Jesus thanks
You be free from all these distracting illusions
You be on your way to how it all began

You be sensing all the things you thought were gone now
You be getting how the holy ones transcend
You be caring not so mucho who but how now
You be on your way to how it all will end

Witness all the bliss
within this cornucopia
from an iceberg of euphoria
calm and cool you kill Colosio

we all will die someday
then all of this will float away
still never will I long forget
her heated breath upon my neck
Track Name: Her

Brother better watch her
she’s the daughter of a leopard and she’s not very nice.
She kicks and cries and kisses you so nice.
Shoots your guide and stomps off with your life.
It’s too late for me I am sure. But you still have time.

one night in Libramiento
one night in Juarez
one night in Tepetongo
just doing what she says

A lost night in Tacazecas
with nothing close at hand
the wolves came in pursuit of us
we boys grew into men

then one night near the capital
like lions we attacked
the moon had fled behind the hills
and left the world black

one night in bed at home alone
ten nights at home in bed alone

one time with a daughterless
dog in Veracruz
one day before the Armistice
with one night left to lose

One night in the mountains
Carranza was betrayed
took the whole battalion
just to break one of his legs

One night in Connecticut in 1939
they’d speak of it like yesterday if any had survived

what is it that lingers on
when the memory is gone
it’s her

she’s a death despair depth charger
she’s a Titanic disaster
she is fore what you are aft, er
action and adventure
a caramel-crusted nightmare
she’s a big beautiful spider
Bite you won't you hide her,
she’ll reward you, she won't haunt you
thorniest and hornier
Christ, she is Christ in a Chrysler

When the memory is gone
what is it that lingers on
I’m hers
she’s mine
First you hear a purr,
then her laughter
Too late for me I’m sure
you still got time

She’s a kitty in the rafters
a tickle of her whiskers
she’s a search & seizure dancer
she’s a pioneering cancer
Was she there in Cuernavaca?
if you prod her she will answer
Soy la madre of all panthers

and there's nothing real about her
still I swear that she is out there
it is her
it’s her
Track Name: Ashes and Beer

Come on Lieutenant! Bring the gun.
Draw futility in to those lungs

A tarry substance on the tongue
Viva la revolución

Come in, Padre. Leave the Son.
El Diablo’s a just fine lantern.
bienvenidos everyone
Come in, Padre, your eyes may burn
from ashes and beer
ashes and beer it’s happening

why be glad to be alive
clearly anything can thrive
salted fields agleam at night
killed but still they will survive

yellow nails, muddy teeth
we live here beyond belief
in blood on the door it says
welcome to hell please watch your head

ashes and beer

I saw Jesus Malverde

walking hurt and wounded, man

I was leading the teasing Honduran Hortensia
into the other land

I saw Jesus Malverde
 and I know that he saw me
Ever since that fair day I care almost nothing for anybody

I swear I saw Jesus Malverde

Face down in the Rio Grande
Going doo-wah-diddy-diddy-dum-did you hear
getting soaked in ashes and beer

what’s below the bottom rung
self-contempt as a weapon
what follows the end of days
eternity within a cage
Track Name: It Gets Cold
It Gets Cold

Sure, we remembered you
Every night it’s true
But forgetting ourselves we treat best friends as enemies
Such is your destiny,
once in our memory
It gets cold

Hey what’s their names have come back home
all sad-eyed and lonesome
que dice boys la morfina y cocaina
it’s cool no yeah we saw your names
ain’t exactly the fever I ordered up neither, guy
yeah it gets cold

Sing, sing, sing... sing to us

sing through that banged-up mouth
of being burned alive
in Christ’s undying light
And so Dad sings the thing,
as lightning is darkening

We are the commoners.
We know our failures.
We are the failures.
We know our common worth.
And once we learn to read and write
we’ll find out why we fight
Track Name: Without a Parachute
on the inside i was standing at the bottom of esteem and i was without a parachute
how is it i’m the only one arriving at this function feeling i’m without a parachute

you know. you feel the same.

like every cloud in the sky is a kite she flies
every stone on the beach looks like a heart to me
light in our bones somehow
every ray of light at night so bright it blinds me now

take these wings of wax my son see how long your luck will run without a parachute
make a joke about it but the ground is fast approaching all of us without a parachute

you say you feel the same

they head north in bare feet, in the darkened desert cold

on a dirt path lit by stars in trailers gangsters stole
lights up ahead
crows in the road

it’s cold as shit and ugly say you love me
it’s 1 am we’re freezing like i please you p-p-please please me

“i know you feel the same.”

this was what the guy at the bar said to me, one night.
“i’d like you to meet my wife, she is death to all life.”
it is her... smoke burning my eyes
like how you recognize a spider bite, it is her

Her eyes searching for the Pleiades
Her hair swirling in the blossom breeze
Her smile shining like the moonlit leaves
I’m hers that’s all I can ever be

these are days plain uninspiring often nothing feels real clever

all my sarcasm and banter why the bother gets no better

purple mountains majesty a miracle she found me
every human said my dad enjoys ice cream and liberty

her eyes melting hearts like ice cream cones
her ascending through my icy bones
her lips tick upon the microphone
this here this is what we call my home

think you hit the bottom then the dark finds you unsure
there’s no bottom you keep falling parachute’s for her
it’s the way things will be now much as things always were
everybody said my dad hates a police officer

her eyes searching for the Pleiades
her hair swirling in the blossom breeze
her smile shining like the moonlit leaves
I’m hers that’s how it will always be

I’m hers that’s all I can ever be
Track Name: My Mind's Alive
My mind’s alive with many things.
I think it’s love.
It looks like rain.

you won’t
talk you’re like a clock
that only ticks and chases chicks
just a fearsome hairy hero
with a toothpick for a dick

My mind’s alive with many things.
It feels like love. It smells like rain.

I dreamed I saw a mounted man
Malverdi was his name
but he hit the Rio Grande
and he died there on his face

well it’s high high high
and we’ll giddy-up all day
once the spider conquers all the land
then gives it all away

My mind’s alive with many things.
It could be love. It could be rain.

some people love their country
some just love themselves
some people think we’re idiots
if we believe in hell
Some people love a vanished truth
some people love their shoes
some people love the stuff they smoke
I do too!

then one day I met Malverdi at the New York Stock Exchange
blessing spiders and traders, with a headstone for a face

it’s a high high high
yippie yi high yippie yay
once Zendejas moves the good weed up
from jail in Monterrey

it’s a high high high
yippie yi high yippie yay
gonna fuck some federales up
if they come this way

My mind’s alive with many things.
I think it’s love.
It looks like rain.

It’s a hi yi yi yippie yi hee yippie yay
as Pancho Villa said to Pershing:
Track Name: Oswalds Fight Song
Oh dutiful brother, how goes the war?
All of your courage in service of bastards we once cursed now barely a word.

You’re still my brother that’s who you are:
badly crumpled body, hunted and haughty and humbled, injury fatal never.

Once you saw color, but god how it hurt.
You saw that the hunger and laughter whatever the border makes us all each other.

I remember a road where now there is fear
A soldier’s beard a child’s ear to lead us out of here

So fight for a button, fall for a flag
Hot as an oven, honored but hidden, zipped in your black body bag
Track Name: Don't Hafta
Don’t Hafta

I blacked out last night but this time it was different.
I dreamed I was American
Smell the burning robber in assaulting seized-up Maine
tragedy brings neighbors powdered doughnuts in the driving rain

You don’t have to
Nah you don’t hafta
nah nah nah

Woke the fuck up again, but this time... I felt different.
My soul, my god, they’ve paved it
Everybody’s heart hurts itʼs how you handle it that counts.
Honestly the thought just hangs there ʻwhatʼs another quarter-ounce?ʼ
then you won’t have to hate
you won’t have to hate
You won’t have to hate yourself every day

Last words I heard, “y’sure that’s wise?”
Woke up passed out, not surprised
Oh sorrowful mother, dutiful daughter
Do you sense an answer?
You’re such a liar 

You will know when the horse returns without its rider
she swallowed the lie and followed the spider
she swallowed the bird to catch the spider

Twenty dime bags sewn up inside her

jet planes of cocaine set down beside her
perhaps sheʼll die

Chattanooga Buddha again some reason he’s bristlin'
Peace is not the answer

and war is not an answer

there will be no answer

if you can’t find your phone
you don’t have to hate
always with the hate yourselves every day

Track Name: Something Must Be Done
Something Must Be Done

I was minding my own business when my conscience came alive
Overhead a distant needle silver in the sky
On his deathbed
my dear dad said
justice hurts...
He went back home ten plenty times

Still the same no outlet signs
On his deathbed my dear dad said
just four words my son
something must be done
something must be done
something must be done

Sleep friends deeply like children
you should see your eyes when reality seeps in
yeah I’m sorry for the things I have done
as do I them all again
and again they seem such fun
look at all my friends

Drove to Tijuana for a cup of coffee
saw the mother and daughter
Pendejo bought the magazine it seemed so funny
the mercado there was taking his fake money
we’re laughing running out to the truck waving the picture

Willie found out about us down on the corner
found the mother and daughter
On his deathbed my dear dad said
just these words
always remember our mother and daughter
our only mother and daughter
what’s supposed to come after?

a nearly naked mother with a daughter tightly wrapped
needs a dollar for a cough she can’t admit she has
john hey take a look at that
and I’m thinking:
Something must be done!
Track Name: Killing Shoes
Killing Shoes

Dressed in her killing shoes she walked right up to me
hey don’t I recognize you? oh god don’t hurt me please
she laughed and said relax let’s not pretend you’d leave
I glimpsed you cross the floor could tell you wanted me

Her earrings caught the light of the cold crescent moon
I felt my mouth go dry I simply could not move
she spun a web of lies she swore it was the truth
I wore myself out in fright she wore those killing shoes

I wasn’t always this chica crashing in front of you
gorgeous and radiant once I was just like you
I was a kid with dreams they woke me up oh I grew
I wasn’t always the one who wore the killing shoes

I feel real bad for her she can’t help what she is
I’m not the victim here I leaned in for a kiss

I’m just a mirror of stone all flipped around inside
I’m just some virgin whore I’m some guy’s widowed bride
you will not ever face such things as I have survived
you must not cry my love it’s just a spider bite

she’s just a desperate thing only comes out at night
you glimpse her cross the floor and love her till you die
she’s like the rest of us she can’t tell wrong from right
she’s just a dream I know I’ll wake up and be fine